[Guide] Flutter for Beginners

Flutter for beginners by Shrishti Gupta

I started my flutter journey a few months back. I came across a blog and read about flutter and how useful and easy it is to build beautiful apps.


The most fascinating feature of the flutter is that it provides a common platform to build both android and ios applications as well as web applications with Flutter 2.0 using a single codebase i.e. Dart(a new programming language developed by Google) which is very easy to grab if someone has prior knowledge of any programming language. Flutter provides access to hot reload and hot refresh which makes it super efficient and fast. You can see the changes you’ve made instantly just by saving it and need not run the application from scratch which sometimes takes more than 5–7 mins. Flutter team comes from the web development side so they incorporated many features of web dev into flutter which gave us so many customized widgets to create beautiful UI designs.


The flutter team provides full documentation on using and learning flutter. It has step by step installation guide for windows, macOS as well as Linux. You can use both Android Studio or Visual Studio Code to make your applications. I prefer Android Studio because in the future you have to use Android Studio as VS Code does not have all the features one needs. There are many blogs and youtube videos for learning flutter. Flutter team created its series of learning flutter on youtube. (I will give links to all resources at the end.)

THE MISTAKES I MADE DURING MY LEARNING which I don’t want anyone to repeat is

that I started setting up everything on my own without any help from any video or anything which leads to so much wastage of time as it is difficult to understand the problem and then solve the errors. As a beginner, one should always seek help from a guide. The second mistake was that I wasted a lot of time learning dart. You don’t need to learn dart independently as it is very easy and most of the concepts are the same. The course which you will choose to learn is enough to make you learn the syntax and everything you need to learn in the Dart.


After going through so many courses and youtube videos the ones which I found the best are:

  1. This is by far the best course for beginners. You could buy it on Udemy but if it is something that you can’t afford, contact me at my LinkedIn Profile or by email(srishti2001gupta@gmail.com) and I will provide you with the free version of this course.

Github link for course resources:

You could check out the ‘Widget of the Week’ playlist uploaded by Flutter Official YouTube Channel

Or you can consult the playlist uploaded by The Net Ninja (764k followers) which focuses on beginners.

Thank you for reading :) Please connect with me on LinkedIn or if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach me at my email id: (srishti2001gupta@gmail.com)




Flutter Developer

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Shrishti Gupta

Shrishti Gupta

Flutter Developer

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